Why Grace Walks: The 2013 DC Walk Now for Autism Speaks

If you people have met Rory you know how awesome she is. I walk because I care about Rory. Rory is the most important person in my life, I would do anything to protect her. I really think you should bring your family to Washington DC to show your support. Become a Rory Rover! I have gone places like the mall and when Rory gets upset like if a song  comes on that she doesn’t like, and she just starts screaming and people stare at me and my family like we WANT Rory to do this, and I just think “Hey come on. Just because Rory has Autism, doesn’t mean she is any different from you.’’ Or sometimes, I feel like I might just explode.But sometimes, I just feel this connection with Rory. Like when she smiles or when we run down a grass hill together or the best thing just simply holding hands. Sometimes we play this game where she does a dance move and I copy her. Like I said, Rory is the best part of my life and I am proud of being her older sister.




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