Andrew Sullivan on Rand Paul

This is fabulous. Go here.

Thanks to Ellen for sending this in.


One thought on “Andrew Sullivan on Rand Paul

  1. more on blockbusting

    Here’s a family story I only learned last year.

    I asked my dad whether it was by accident or design that his aunts lived in the house next to his. No “Kennedy compound,” this is a neighborhood where most people worked at the Fore River Shipyard or shoe factories.

    Anyway, my great grandfather had a family friend buy a house for him and turn over the deed the same day. It was a “Yankee” neighborhood and they didn’t want Irish Catholic neighbors. (Really? A Boston suburb? I had never heard my dad use the word Yankee to refer to WASPs.)

    Makes you wonder. By the time my dad was growing up, the area was mostly Italian Catholic (with a couple Poles and Norwegians thrown in). “There goes the neighborhood!”

    There was a tenement down the street called “The Jew Block” because the owner was Jewish.

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

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