Luke Russert on Twitter

Last night on Twitter, Luke Russert asked this of his followers: “Okay end of the day question. Compare politicians as NFL QBs. I’ll go first. George W. Bush=Ken Stabler Al Gore=Drew Bledsoe. Must have won a SB ring to be compared to a POTUS. Think stats, titles, careers, personality, off the field issues etc. I’ll RT best ones.”

Here are some of the responses he got:

RT @RGC3 @RussertXM_NBC I know its over but…Steve Young=too good to be Bush 41. More like Truman// hmmm perhaps

RT @richluchette @RussertXM_NBC Dan Fouts = US Grant

@RussertXM_NBC Hillary Clinton = Doug Williams. Both broke glass ceilings.

RT @nCornick @RussertXM_NBC hillary clinton = warren moon (HOF w/ gaudy #’s,) No title //that’s a good one. Peace out/

Ok guys. Great job. Have a good night, we’ll do another question like this soon. In the words of Jim Rome– I am out.

HRC has done a lot more than Theisman. There’s got to be somebody better.

@RussertXM_NBC Newt Gingrich = Sonny Jurgensen

Top 5. 1 McNabb = Specter. 2. Marino = TKennedy. 3. Montana = Reagan. 4. Stevenson = Jim Kelly. 5. Tony Eason = Mondale.

RT @ArtemusRex @RussertXM_NBC Joe Kennedy = Archie Manning ///HUGE COMMENT

RT @ksusananderson Roethlisberger=Harding. Hush money to make it go away.

RT @lawebmorrell @RussertXM_NBC Jim McMahan=Andrew Jackson , was a maverick and a man of the people

@vedderjordan @RussertXM_NBC Kordell Stewart=Rick Santorum HAHA!

You guys are doing great. Donovan McNabb as Arlen Specter is still the best one.

RT @AP_Ken_Thomas @RussertXM_NBC Jeff Hostetler (off the bench) equals Gerald Ford.

@prisrob @RussertXM_NBC Johnny Unitas- Geroge Washington

RT @tibor75 @RussertXM_NBC Tony Eason = Walter Mondale –SO WONKY I LOVE IT

Dan Marino = Ted Kennedy much beloved, got a lot of stats never won the title.

RT @RGC3 @RussertXM_NBC Tony Romo=scott brown

RT @akinsdem @RussertXM_NBC Bob Griese=John Adams….their sons could never overcome father’s shadows.

Ike = Phil Simms

RGC3 @RussertXM_NBC Jim Kelly= adlai stevenson

Remember QB must have won a SB to be compared to a POTUS!

vedderjordan @RussertXM_NBC: Donovan McNabb=Arlen Specter

Retweeted by RussertXM_NBC Gary Hart = Ryan Leaf — you spent some time in DC. Good one.

C_Topher_Ware @RussertXM_NBC Joe Montana = Ronald Reagan. A paradigm shift in philosophy that impacted the 80s immensely

Retweeted by RussertXM_NBC
FDR as Terry Bradshaw because they always won. Well played.

Trent Dilfer = Gerald Ford.. Very GOOD!

George HW Bush = Steve Young. Finally escaped the shadow of a more successful person ahead of them by winning their own title.

FDR = Bart Starr —interesting.

Ronald Reagan = Kurt Warner good one

Mark Brunell = Rumsfeld –smart, QB that many argued stayed on the field too long.

JFK = Tom Brady . Good one.

Bill Clinton as Joe Namath. I can see that.

Obama as Drew Brees works because of the unlikely story and path to victory

brett favre = grover cleveland Really good!

Awesome: William H Taft=JaMarcus Russell

W Bush as Billy Kilmer and Bradshaw, I still think Stabler is more similar.

First good answer Sarah Palin = Tim Tebow


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