Glenn Beck on Social Justice

What an idiot this guy is.

Read here.


3 thoughts on “Glenn Beck on Social Justice

  1. You know some people like Glen Beck and he has every right to stand up for what he believes how would you like someone blogging about you and your believes which many people find offensive! Do cathloics have a different bible. My bible says homos are wrong and so is abortion.

  2. Nora What planet are you from where you think only liberals are allowed to voice their opinions. I think you’ve been drinking to much. your irish relatives would be horrified to know how you feel about killing dear little babies and supporting homos

  3. Oh puh-leeze. Her only comment was that he was an idiot….then she supplied a link.

    You people should find a dictionary and learn to spell before attacking people for having an opinion that differs from your own. You might also try actually READING that bible you love to refer to. I don’t know which one you use, but mine says something about “loving your neighbor as yourself”…”turning the other cheek”…and “judge not”.

    Nora – you rock!

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