Geier on Maryland’s Commission on Autism

I discovered this weekend that David Geier is on the Maryland Commission on Autism. What a disgrace.

A brief background on the Geiers from LBRB is here.

LBRB links to other sites. Neurodiversity breaks down the Geier’s misrepresentations here.

And once again, here is the Chicago Tribune’s piece on the Geier’s junk science.


2 thoughts on “Geier on Maryland’s Commission on Autism

  1. Wow. I guess this didn’t get far past the borders of Maryland.

    At any rate, Mark Geier’s medical license has been suspended (best summary =

    David Geier’s role in his father’s practice is now under scrutiny.

    I have heard this from several of my colleagues in the autism treatment world.

    In part of the complaint against Mark Geier (pages 11 and 12) Parent A, who is the parent of Patient C, alleges that on May 19 2008, David Geier (who has no known medical qualifications or licenses) provided medical care in the form of performing medical procedures, ordering tests, and giving an “expert” option, in the absence of a licensed medical professional.

    It is likely that the events of May 18 2008 was not the first or only time David Geier provided medical care.

    Parents who may have been patients of Mark Geier are asked to come forward if they have had any interaction with David Geier, or witnessed David Geier do any of the following:

    * Make a diagnosis
    * Perform a medical procedure
    * Prescribe a medication
    * Giving an “expert” opinion

    The appropriate party to contact is the Maryland Board of Physicians. They can be reached at 410-764-4777 as soon as possible and ask to speak to an investigator regarding the Geier case. Parents may even call over the weekend.

  2. Liz – I am in Maryland too! I did hear the news yesterday and I was thrilled! I will blog abou tit today!

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