Taylor and Taylor

I love it and saw does Gawker!

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift are being seen out and about together, and oh, come on, you know you like this. He’s just not prettyboy enough to be probably gay and she’s this likable Shiksa you didn’t think you’d be able to like but she plays the underdog card so hard it’s almost like, you know what, I believe it! And then she gave SNL the best episode they’ve had in forever and she makes all the other teen popettes we’ve had over the last few years look like vapid vampire octopus brain succubus machines so, like, we could have it so much worse with these guys being at the top of the Gossip Roundup. Jon Gosselin! Gone. Michael Lohan! Gone. Today we have these guys. Let us all be thankful the gods of pop culture have finally given us something marginally likable. [NYDN]

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