Chapter by Chapter

Hilarious! Go here to read Elvis Dingeldein’s liveblogging of Sarah Palin’s book.

This part made me laugh out loud:

Chapter One wants to tell you how an independent, go-getting, and fiercely independent (also, independent) woman doesn’t need ridiculous fancy-pants Big Government Liberal Equality Programs like Title IX to succeed in the world, except when she benefits from them directly (“I’m a product of Title IX”). Confusing. And while I wanted to hear the Rocky Anthem pounding proudly behind her sporty tales of Pushing Through the Pain (“hard work and passion matter most of all”), I couldn’t help but cap every paragraph like this with a bewildered Yeah, but you quit, Quitter. When the Going Got Tough, the Gov Got Lost. So please, Sarah, spare us the inspirational sports metaphors. Quitter.

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