Planet Nora Page Views


On November 6, this blog had 1,016 page views. On November 7th, 982. On November 8th, 994.

Who the heck is reading this blog?

Here’s my count

1. Bob
2. Kathy
3. Lynn
4. Ellen
5. Erika
6. Carrie
7. Kevin
8. Stephanie

That’s eight people who I know occasionally check out the links I post.

On November 6th, the most popular link (as always) was my separated at birth comparison of Joe Jonas and Mr. Bean. That post from (July 15, 2009) routinely gets viewed more than the others.

Of the 1,016 people who visited on 11/6, 760 used the search term “zac efron” to find my blog. I have only two posts about Zac Efron.

I think the 1,008 readers I can’t account for are 11 year old girls.


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