Cesca: Wingnuts

Okay, Planet Nora fans, I hope all of you have bookmarked bobcesca.com at this point. It’s the most crucial information and the most thoughtful commentary of all the blogs out there.

And at times, it’s absolutely hilarious:

“The far-right loves props. Tea bags, boiling frogs, and now rock salt. Wingnut stereotype Erick Erickson is asking his readers to send five-pound bags of rock salt to Olympia Snowe’s office in Maine.

Get it? Rock salt melts… snow.


Several weird things about this. Cole notes that Erickson is selling the rock salt through his Amazon store, thus turning a decent profit on his Carrot Top prop-protest. Clever. Atrios observes that rock salt will absolutely be targeted by security as a suspicious substance (so were the tea bags).

And unless the wingnuts pay extra for fancy shipping, they’ll be using the public option for postal service. Why do they hate America?”

What are you waiting for? Go!


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