DC’s Walk Now for Autism

Fall has arrived and we are gearing up for the biggest event of the season for us… DC’s Walk Now for Autism.

Rory has progressed amazingly well in the last year. She is talking more and more every day. Her eye contact has vastly improved and she’s more connected to us than ever. She’s gone from often being in her own world, to being an active (and demanding 😉 ) member of the family. Instead of living in separate worlds, she and Grace are now fighting. Now, that’s what I call progress!

Rory will be starting in a new school this fall, but the same CAPP program as last year. It’s a very intensive 30-hour per week program centered around Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) as well as traditional preschool activities. We are very fortunate that we live in a county that has such great services. Rory is also participating in a longitudinal study at NIH on autism subtypes. She is in the regressive subtype which accounts for only 20% of cases.

With all of Rory’s amazing achievements in the past year, there is still a lot to accomplish. A lot has been learned about autism in the past 20 years, but we are only at the tip of the iceberg. There is still so much to learn, and that is why Autism Speaks is a great organization. They work hard to raise money for autism awareness and research. This year I have been volunteering on the walk organizing committee and it’s been a wonderful experience.

So Rory’s Rovers is up and ready to walk again this year and we’d love your support. Click the link below to get to my personal fundraising page:

My personal fundraising page

If that doesn’t work, go here:

National Autism Walk

And go under “Donate” at the top in blue, and then click “Support a Walker” and search for my name.

And if you’d like to support us, but don’t want to do it online., just print out a donation form from my personal donation page (under the green bar that shows my fundraising goal) you can send a check to this address:

Autism Speaks
Walk Donations Department
5455 Wilshire Blvd, #2250
Los Angeles, CA 90036

And for you folks in Wilmington, DE, our team is hosting a dine out night on Tuesday, October 13th, 2009 (Rory’s 4th birthday!) from 5:00-10:00 pm at the Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant on Justison Street in Wilmington. Come in for dinner (they take reservations!) and Iron Hill Brewery will donate 20% of your food bill (excluding alcoholic beverages) to Autism Speaks! Remember to print out and bring the coupons below. They have to have them for Autism Speaks to get credit! Bob, Grace, Rory, and I will be coming up right after school for the event.

And please forward to any other Wilmingtonians who might be interested in having a nice meal at Iron Hill Brewery and raising money for Autism Speaks in the process!

Thanks to everyone for your support!

Autism Speaks - WILM


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